Meeting Times

*Please check back each quarter, though we try to maintain consistency, meeting times and locations are subject to change* 

Monday 5 pm

  • The Zone (outside Price Center next to Jamba Juice)
  • Alcoholics Anonymous meeting
  • *** 9/24 we will meet in student services center 300 ***

Tuesday 11 am

  • Women’s Center (Top floor of old student center, past LGBT Center)
  • All genders welcome
  • General UCSD recovery meeting

Friday 6 pm 

  • MMR (mini meeting room, trailer behind Student Health Center)
  • General UCSD recovery meeting

Please Note 

All meetings are open meetings focused on recovery from alcoholism, drug addiction, and other mental and behavioral health problems. Designations of meetings as AA or NA simply indicate the structure and format of the meetings. All are welcome at all meetings!

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